I’ve been drawing, designing and making things since I was a child. Art and Design is in my blood.

After getting a degree in Interior Design, and being lucky enough to do an internship with a design company in Florence, I decided to explore other areas of design including Graphics, Web Design and Illustration.

Having parents who are ELT authors led me into the world of ELT. It is a world of growing opportunities with teachers, trainers and writers giving presentations, creating their own materials, having a go at self-publishing and starting websites and blogs. For a designer and illustrator the scope it offers is enormous and I feel lucky and excited to be setting out on my own adventure at this time. The future looks bright.

I’ve recently been creating ELT eBook and print book covers for numerous writers and organisations, one of which won the BESIG David Riley award for innovation. I’ve also been working on page formatting and design, logos and illustrations for training and sales presentations.

Amongst other things I am currently working on some original artwork for a primary coursebook. At the same time I’m designing materials for an online English course and also doing comic illustrations for a plenary presentation for teachers.

Whatever it is I am working on, no matter how big or small a project, I keep in mind the philosophy of one of my design heroes, Milton Glaser, “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!”